West end girl

IMG_9167Isabelle made her West End debut a week ago today at the Novello Theatre, current home of Mamma Mia.

It’s an iconic theatre and we were flanked by famous name shows – The Lion King and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – and famous names, Iz was performing across the street from Jessica Rabbit and Emperor Palpatine AKA Kathleen Turner and Ian McDiarmid.

Iz was on stage to help celebrate ten years of Make Believe, the theatre school that she is part of on a Saturday morning in Southend. And she loved it, and she was a proper little star.

After we got up to London we had to leave her at the stage door, complete with snazzy blue t-shirt exclusive to the Southend school, along with the rest of her classmates, or should that be castmates? With the number of phones and cameras going off you’d have thought that they were all famous, and they all took it completely in their stride. If Iz had a sharpie I’m sure she’d have been signing her name as well!

And so we settled down for the show, awaiting Isabelle’s three appearances, for the songs Blame it on the Boogie, Truly Scrumptious and A Whole New World, all from West End shows or from Disney.

When she remembered, or wasn’t just gawping at the singers on stage, Iz was the consummate professional and performed with gusto, especially the bum wiggles and arm movements. I must admit that during her second performance I even had a proud Dad tear in my eye, thankfully it was dark, but it really was special to see her up there on that stage – as it was for Sarah, Grandma and Rosemary – in front of all of those people, especially as she had only ever set foot on it just an hour earlier.

IMG_9216And of course, her leading man throughout the show was Thomas, who seemed quite the item prior to the show. Perhaps these darlings are the new Burton and Taylor or Ken and Em? They’ll have a spread in Hello next!

Like most things with Iz, she just took the whole day in her stride and just had lots of fun. So, if this turns out to be Isabelle’s debut and curtain call in the West End she’ll always be able to say that she has done it, and after all, to paraphrase Will Shakespeare, all the world’s a stage.

IMG_9235To congratulate Iz on her triumph, post show we all celebrated with coffee and cake, next stop the Olivier awards (perhaps).

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