The Newman Files

The_Rockford_Files_(title_screen)Sarah and Iz were away for the week recently and I came back into the living room to find the nice surprise of an answer machine message from Isabelle the night before they were coming home.

Listening back to it, for some reason it just reminded me of the opening of The Rockford Files, so I decided to create a mini homage to it, all the more fitting now obviously since the death of Jim Rockford himself, James Garner.

I even created the card order as closely as I could, although something tells me the original wasn’t done with Ben & Jerry’s playing cards – complete with cows as Kings, Queens and Jacks – which I had to use to fill in the blanks.

As far as title sequences go The Rockford Files is as cool as they come, I’ve only recreated the beginning phone sequence, but the photo stills montage is a classic, cue harmonica.

And here’s the original…

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