Iz brings me sunshine

IMG_6529It’s been a day of changeable weather today and on the way to (a soon to be aborted) a trip to the park Iz came across a poster of the forthcoming stage show, Morecambe, based on the life of Eric Morecambe.

Iz took an instant delight to the ‘silly man’ and proceeded to emulate him of sorts. It is, after all, a family tradition of sorts as my dad always used to try and get me with the catching nothing in a paper bag trick and I used to do the whole glasses up and down move when I was in junior school.

I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before she is copying Harry Worth’s shop window stunt or hanging off a clock face Harold Lloyd-style.

Of course, the most pressing question is that does this mean that I am the one with the short, fat, hairy legs? That makes this the blog what I wrote then.

Thankfully we didn’t have to emulate Morecambe and Wise’s Singin’ in the Rain skit as we headed back home just as the heavens opened, the rainy weather theme continued though, of sorts, as in the warmth we slapped on Mary Poppins. We could have certainly done with her brolly.


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