S-Now that’s what I call music: The Snowman and the Snowdog

Ever since seeing The Snowman and the Snowdog last Christmas Eve I’ve fallen in love with the mesmerising score and music by Ilan Eshkeri and Andy Burrows.

It was like Christmas come early then when I saw the score and songs for sale.

At the earliest opportunity it ended up in the CD player and whilst Isabelle was happily dancing round to it, something magical happened.

Sure, she’d watched it a gazillion times at the beginning of last year but hadn’t seen it this year yet, but as soon as the score started Isabelle was able to pinpoint the action that was happening that very moment just from hearing the score on its own.

Daddy, now they are in plane, now they are in the sleigh and the Snowdog has weed on the floor – referring to the scene where it lays in front of the fire and starts to melt.

Isabelle ended the session listening to the single version of ‘Light the Night’, the bit in the animation where The Snowman, the Snowdog and the little boy take flight, which saw Iz soaring round the living room thanks to me carrying her round…no doubt we’ll be taking to the sky again this evening.


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