Star Wars: these aren’t the actors you are looking for

photoIt’s more a case of The X-Wing Factor this weekend as there is a host of open casting calls for Star Wars Episode VII, the hotly anticipated return of Star Wars.

Many will see it just like The X-Factor,  a new hope for them them if you will, and someone will be lucky just like Luke Skywalker in that first (look I’m not having any of that George Lucas revisionist nonsense, Star Wars is the first film not the ruddy fourth) film day dreaming of a better life as he looks on as two suns set.

Well, I’m sorry Isabelle this time round it won’t be you even if you do sleep with a (slightly furry) lightsabre under you pillow or deploy any of your Jedi mind tricks as they are after someone slightly older as they are casting teens.

Still, fear not Iz there is always the sequels to these sequels and I’m sure that the force will be with you…always!

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