The night SHE came home…

hall1…with loads of sweets!

That’s right, Iz experienced her first ever tick or treat evening…in fact I think it might even have been my own frst experience of trick or treating!

For this evening’s noctornal antics Iz decided to go as a witch, complete with green face of course, and with us not having a cat she gave some real contemplation to taking Missy but settled on her ginger cat, Crookshanks, from The World of Harry Potter.

DSC_1214Her partner in cantation crime was one of her best friends from nursery, Violet, who was also dressed as a witch – think of them as the witches of Westcliff so to speak.

In the night sky the searchlights were out in Southend for one of the nightclubs so we said tat they were looking for witches on broomsticks.

Talking of broomsticks, I don’t think Iz would get by very far on hers as she was trying to fly it tandam but also the wrong way round!

DSC_1219 - CopyIn the end I don’t think she would have got off the ground though as the pair of them were laden with just that many sweets that it would see them through to next year.

Iz and I may have been tick or treat virgins (I’m suprised we weren’t sacrificed considering the evening) but we had joining us a real Halloween expert in the shape of Violet’s mum, a native of Florida where obviously Halloween is done on a mega scale which must make the UK version seem rather PG-13 horror.

Still, there were a few houses that had made a real effort and Isabelle and Violet loved hitting the streets and knocking on doors and they were perhaps the politest pair of witches which you could ever wish to meet which guaranteed them a devilishly decent haul of sweeties.

Above is some footage of them calling at a house, it’s quite dark for obvious reasons (to be honest it is more about the audio) but you can here them jabbering along, almost like Mogwai – certainly we didn’t want them eating sweets after midnight. By the way the toilet Iz is referring to is on the door as it is a skeleton sitting on a toilet, that universal image of Halloween.

For them at least this Halloween was far from a nightmare on Elm Street!


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