Bustin’ makes Iz feel good

photo-mummyIsabelle, donning her The Mummy mask, saw Ghostbusters for the first time on Sunday, spookily it was also on Channel 5 later the very same day.

Isabelle loved the catchy Ray Parker Jr theme, although Iz thought that it was Blockbusters.

Apart from forwarding through the scene where Dana get grabbed by hands emerging from her chair and trundled into the fridge (that’s some big salad tray) Iz just lapped it all up, from the opening library scene mesmerised by the floating book and index cards that were spat out of their drawer to the doggies AKA the terror dogs that she thought were great.

zuul[1]The Mr Staypuft Marshmallow Man was also a firm favourite, Iz thought it was a giant snowman but she was sad when the giant snowman was blown up.

I told her they  were just being Zuul to be kind (ahem)

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