Pool-Iz Academy

poolLook, I’ll get the Police Academy related puns out of the way early. This wasn’t Isabelle’s ‘first assignment’ as she had been in a pool before, so you could say that she was ‘back in training’.

It was the first time she’d had proper lessons though and today was an assessment to see where she was at…in the pool, obviously, but you get my drift. Iz slunk into the water with ease an held onto the side as instructed. Fitted with armbands she asked me to join her in the water, which of course I did.

And so Iz started on her first width of the pool, she was certainly good and strong and kicking her legs and grew in confidence with each kick and width. Subsequent widths we had like a giant cheese string that Iz used to help her float, and then another to help float her legs (I believe they did a similar thing when they raised the Mary Rose).

It all really helped though and as I swam in front of Iz, in a fashion at least, let’s call it not drowning in style, Iz grew in speed. She was speediest of all on her back though. Of course, by the time the class came to an end Iz didn’t want to get out of the pool. She certainly made a splash in her first lesson (in more ways than one) and will be in the Duckling group when she returns.

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