Monst-Iz University

SulleyShe’s only just turned three but Isabelle has already enrolled at uni, Monsters University that is!

A big fan of the original, which she discovered on DVD, this marked Isabelle’s first bonafide trip to the cinema, sure she had been to see Finding Nemo but that was a cheapy Saturday morning showing of classics to test the water (no pun intended).

Taking her very own Sulley to the screening (Mike would have been there as well but he wasn’t in stock at Argos – they’ve now put that thing back where it came from and he’s now happily sat in Isabelle’s bed) Iz loved it.

All she wanted to know was where Mike and Sulley were and when they did appear on screen she was just so exited to see them writ large on the silver screen.

photoAlthough we were in darkness as the light from the screen dances across her mesmerised face you could see that Iz was enjoying herself with her wide grin.

She cuddled into Sarah when some of the scaring contest was going on but it’s fair to say that it was a monster success with Claudia Winkle-Newman. She also really loved the Pixar short, The Blue Umbrella, that preceded it – although initially wondered where on earth Mike and Sulley were!

Post film it was off to Chiquitos for a spot of Mexican, Iz is going through a fish phase so loved her fish fingers and chips, leaving plenty of room for a chocolate ice cream dessert naturally!

photo 1Her near perfect day was rounded off with her being given two helium balloons, one of which I unfortunately let drift off into the sun accidentally as we were getting into the car. Thankfully Iz didn’t spot this slip up so shhhhh! I’d like to have said it was a Disney Pixar homage to Up! But alas it wasn’t. Iz was still all smiles though.


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