Live and let’s slide

IMG_3121The giant inflatable slide at the park dominated the fair, as it steadily rose into the sky at was almost as it it was breathing by its own accord.

It was a beast of a slide and Isabelle didn’t want to slay it as such, she wanted to lay on it. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any bigger, it did, especially as you stared up its staircase.

Such things weren’t going to stop Isabelle, in her mind clearly inflatable slides were there to be climbed and slid down and who can argue with that.

And so, like someone taking on Everest, Isabelle began her ascent. Okay so the stakes might not have been massive, she didn’t need oxygen or anything but once the money was paid, there was no refund, slide scaled or not.

We watched with genuine baited breath as Iz steadily made her way up her multi-coloured mountain. She slowly but surely made her way up, slipping and sliding a few times but undetered she came back fighting and triuphantly, like Rocky atop his Philadelphia steps, made it.

IMG_3135The whole episode was perhaps more akin to that scene in For Your Eyes Only where Roger Moore has to climb up the monastery but I don’t think that film ended ended up with him going weeeeeeeeeee down a ruddy great slide.

Of course reaching the top was only the first part of it, we ha no guarantee that she’d slide down the giant drop in front of her, think Harrison Ford waiting on top of that dam in The Fugitive.

Like Dr Richard Kimble Iz went for it. There may have been no Tommy Lee Jones waiting at the top but at the bottom there was a police woman who let out an audible gasp as Iz threw herself down the slide. I certainly didn’t spot any one-armed men!

IMG_3133She went for it again and again and again, tiring and slowing down each time she went for the big climb, helpfully given a leg up onto the stairs as her energy got zapped.

IMG_3130Like the Duracell bunny she kept going and going and although her energy may have been waning the wide grin on her face as she reached the bottom was a constant.

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