A fair to remember

IMG_3081Fairgrounds, I know it’s my own warped mind but they’ve always reminded me of Todd Browning’s Freaks with their carnival-esque atmosphere or The Lost Boys.

Isabelle’s first foray to the fair is likely to forever evoke memories a very different kind, that of planes, trains and automobiles – no not the Steve Martin and John Candy film but more they were the types of rides that attracted her like a moth to a flame.

Okay, so teacups aren’t exactly a mode of everyday transport, no doubt that’ll be part of the next series of Top Gear, but that was the first ride of choice.

And Iz pretty much had all the run of the fair initially as it had just opened for its afternoon session – like being at Michael Jackson’s Neverland with none of the potential downsides!

IMG_3105She was mightily impressed with the spinning qualities of the crockery-inspired ride but that was merely a prologue for her taking to the skies – of sorts – in a plane.

Iz really enjoyed it as it ‘soared’ in the sky. She picked the Cars inspired one over all the typically girly ones but she did look rather magnificent in her flying machine.

IMG_3116From a car inspired plane then to the real deal. These cars were great as they didn’t just go round and round they simulated slewing or drifting round corners, which I think judging by Isabelle’s squeals of delights rather took her by surprise initially.

She still squealed and yelped each time it happened, more the fastened in and the almost furious I guess. And of course it was no accident that she picked a red car as she wanted to be just like her mummy and daddy.

IMG_3120Isabelle was then her own transport down a giant, and I mean in must wear crampons sense, inflatable slide. More on that in my next post.

Post hurtling down to earth at great speed Iz then rounded of her very first visit to the fair with a gentle safari train ride. She went for the carriage with the lions on it…I say it was her final ride of the day, but Iz saved the best ride for last, up on her dad’s shoulders.

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