The following bedtime story will self destruct in 10 seconds…

Mission Impossible Jim Phelps briefing 6 tape recorder self destructs[1]Ah, the bedtime story, I love them…reading them I mean, although I do have some dim and distant memory of my mum reading Ian Fleming’s The Spy Who Loved Me of all things!

Isabelle’s favourite book (at the time of going to press) isn’t Bond but he is a bounder, The Highway Rat to be precise, by children’s laureate Julia Donaldson, who also gave us the likes of The Grufallo and Room on the Broom.

I’d dug my old dictaphone out and when reading Isabelle The Highway Rat the other night I recorded myself as I did it – for once managing not to actually yawn whilst reading it, it wasn’t boring it’s just reading bedtime stories makes me, well, tired – and thought that might come in handy at some point as Iz sometimes likes her books reading a couple of times.

Turns out I didn’t have to wait very long to try it out on her. It reminded me a little of miming in Church or at school assembly – people always got caught out as they just opened and closed their mouthes like fishes none of this miming to the words lark.

Anyway I read it through once and then Iz wanted it again so I raised the book and pressed play, pausing when Iz asked me a question…I then played it again for good measure as she wasn’t quite asleep. I felt a little bit bad as I wasn’t er, reading live (it’s not as if I was on Top of the Pops) and even lip-synched a couple of times when I was ‘reading’ it to Iz when she could see my face.

How long it will be before I get rumbled I don’t know…we certainly won’t take it as far as Mission: Impossible with fake rubber masks of me for someone else to wear or clothes stuffed full of balloons to look like me…promise.

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