Let sleeping dogs lie

IMG_1606Not if they are on my bed I’m ruddy not! Is perhaps Isabelle’s answer, she might not let them lay on their own but she’ll quite happily have a big old cuddle with them, next to them or nearly on top of them as Missy found out one morning earlier this week.

IMG_1604Again, donning another pair of sunglasses indoors, I blame Psy myself or ‘Style man’ as Isabelle refers to him, Iz was disturbing some of Missy’s early morning sun worship and just generally disturbing the dog.

The two are inseperable though and you won’t ever find Iz leaving the house or going to bed without giving Missy a smacker on the top of her head and a giant cuddle to depart with. It looks as if Iz might have even brought a spare pair of sunglasses for her to don, perhaps she was aiming for an MIB or Jake and Elwood vibe. I don’t know about The Blues Brothers but Missy looks more like a far from amused sister.


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