Decorated Heroes

Or decorating heroes to be precise. My mum and dad came down recently to help with some decorating in our living room. We’d had some water that had come in a while back and had left a horrible dark mark where the paper had once been.

It was practically a black hole (without there actually being a hole of course) and was the focus of the room once you entered it, dragging your stare into the darkness. I felt really bad as my mum and dad offered to come down the day after their wedding anniversary and my mum had a bad leg, which meant me practically being the Daniel Larusso of the decorating world for that weekend.

8802510372894[1]As we took the old and brittle wallpaper off Iz jumped at the chance of helping clear it up and put it in a rubbish back, she didn’t even have to be asked so it was just nice that she was willing to help…she was of course willing to hinder as well and and one point ended up up planting her crocs-filled feet in the wallpaper paste bowl. She was soon scootered out of the room before she ended up like that bloke stuck to the board hanging over shark infested water/ on a board dangling from a helicopter in the old  Solvite adverts!

IMG_1487It must have all been worth the effort though as Iz noted in a gasp that the ‘hole’ had magically gone, I don’t think she has really known anything else, and of course my mum and dad got to spend some extra time with Iz…so everyone was a winner.

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