The Good Life

IMG_1481Isabelle likes chickens so she recently went all Margo in The Good Life – swapping Penelope Keith’s infamous yellow outfit for a er swimming costume – all she was missing was some wellies to really set the outfit off! Love the hat though Iz.

Isabelle’s god parents, Shaun and Sue, keep chickens and she always has to pay them a visit when we are there. Grandma and Grandad don’t have chickens so Iz decided to improvise with her bucket and sand promptly spreading it all over the garden as if it were corn.

And it didn’t just stop with chickens, she was apparently feeding everything from giraffes to crocodiles as well. In reality though all grandad ended up with was a garden that looked more like a giant sand pit! Still, he took it well and got into the real spirit of things saying something about a clucking bell.

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