Loving Rossi’s Iz-cream

IMG_1431 IMG_1435 IMG_1439After building up an appetite going bonkers on the beach Iz was rewarded with her first Rossi’s ice-cream of the year. She made a meal of it alright, then a drink of it and then a dogs dinner of it, sharing it with Missy.

IMG_1409We hit the beach tag-team style as one of us had to stay with Missy (sorry Miss, so close yet so very far and all you wanted to do was join in with Iz) and the pushchair.

When the sun was out it was rather glorious, ruddy windy mind but rather nice all the same, until the sun shot behind a white cloud to catch its breath.

Not that Iz was arsed or that she paused for breath, she was all for going into the water but I managed to disuede her of sorts by saying that we didn’t have any towels with us. Far more logical to a 2.5 year old than saying the sea of Southend-on will be very fricking cold.

IMG_1395And of course where Isabelle went Anxious the elephant wasn’t far behind, when she wasn’t being dropped or left to rise in the pushchair. When Iz stormed the beach with her it was like she was saving her like a character from Baywatch.

I’m actually surprised that half the stone-filled beach isn’t here after being brought home in Iz’s pockets, she has brought bits of it back every other beach she has been on. She did do plenty of picking stones up though so she was obviously contemplating it.

IMG_1412Alas they weren’t the skimming kind, it’s a dad thing that has to be normally done with your son or daughter on the beach, it’s the law, but Iz and Sarah did go exploring, all of which filled Missy with increasingly paniced bark as they got further and further away.

They of course returned, posing here for a rather nice mother and daughter pic on the steps down to the beach.


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