Little Miss Sunshine

IMG_1304Donning one of her multiple pairs of sunglasses and her swimming costume Iz hit her Grandma and Grandad’s back garden and she owned it, lazing with her feet dangling in her paddling pool like a Hollywood star.

IMG_1315We were there for the first BBQ of the year and Iz was doubly excited as her cousins, Jamie and Amelia, were also in attedance. She followed Amelia round as if she was her shadow, following her wherever she went, playing catch, eating together and Iz hanging on and laughing at her every word. There was some serious heroine worship going on.

IMG_1317With not enough sun-soaked hours in the day Iz had to combine activities to cram them all in, such as eating and trampolining, a shoe in to be an Olympic sport surely…plus any time saved obviously meant more able to be spent with Amelia.

IMG_1309 IMG_1313All this hero worship and its accompanying running around was clearly thirsty work and Iz obviously looks up to Amelia, in more ways than one.

Of course all good things must come to an end and inevitably people had to go home and tears were had but the memories and fun had during the sunny day will long linger.

IMG_1328Come whatever the weather, rain or shine, I think that Isabelle’s future’s so bright she’s going to have to wear shades…on top of her head optional of course!

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