The ice-cream girls

IMG_1270With the Bank Holiday sun we took to the back yard and transformed it from just being a drab yard into a multi-coloured haven for Isabelle with a new slide and see-saw.

Missy, still recuperating from her operation certainly enjoyed it, she always has been something of a sun goddess absorbing the rays of the sun so her white coat  glows like Marlon Brando’s outfit in Superman.

IMG_1276Taking a moment’s rest from sliding, cycling on her trike – looking like Jigsaw from Saw on holiday – and play sword fighting with me Iz cooled down with a Smarties ice-cream. Missy hung round like her shadow, a very patient shadow I might add, waiting for a taste of ice-cream, or orange smartie, and was rewarded with the end of the cone and the ice-cream that was left in it. It certainly didn’t have time to melt in the early afternoon heat.

Clearly, when it comes to cooling down from the sun only Smarties ice-cream have the answer!


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