Gone Hair

IMG_0827Sure, Iz has had her fringe cut and clipped – by former barber and still my father, my dad.

I liked that as it was carrying on a tradition of sorts as he’d always cut both mine and my brother’s hair when we were younger – and still does if my hair gets too wayward and they are coming down 🙂

IMG_0838But now, now we were literally beyond the fringe! Everytime she has had her fringe cut Iz has always been uber-well behaved and somehow always looked massively more grown up afterwards. She’d probably look about 14 after a proper haircut then!

Not quite, but she certainly looks a proper little girl and she must have at least felt she looked a little older as she said she wanted to go to the bub once she got out of her chair!!

IMG_0840Apart from being unsure where her hands had vanished to – rest assured they were safe and sound resting under her sheet the whole time it was just because she couldn’t see them – Iz was not phased it the slightest by her (metaphorically speaking) number one haircut.

IMG_0843Afterall, what wasn’t there to like: pampering, a mirror and a hairdryer – yes, these are a few of her favourite things.

Iz even received a certificate for her efforts. She should have received another for managing to eat her way through nearly a packet of Opal Fruits Starbust during her salon session.

I doubt looking like you’ve just stepped out of a salon was ever meant to mean having sticky hands and a pocket full of empty sweet wrappers!

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