A pee birthday

From Southend With Loo-ve
From Southend With Loo-ve

We’ve gone potty in our house, quite literally as Iz has done her first wee in a potty in the living room on Thursday 11th April 2013, her urine-ka moment!

I’m not taking the pee, well I am actually – in the physical sense – to the toilet to flush it away.

For the (thankfully) briefest of moments I entered the insania world of should I take a picture of it (!) but thought that was too darned close to people cooking and eating their child’s placenta or keeping their child’s first poo-filled nappy.

At least I didn’t want to put it in an empty Lilt bottle and keep it in the fridge or anything – I can see it now, someone smacking their lips proclaiming that this Lilt has gone flat.

That reminds me, when I used to work at The World of Robin Hood there was one particularly hot summer where Tour Guides bought lots of drinks in. Thing is someone kept on nicking them – bloomin cheek – but what do you expect with people playing a bunch out Outlaws. Obviously someone was something of a method actor!

Enough was enough so I hatched a plan to catch them and filled an empty Coke bottle with lemonade – to give it that essential fizz when opened – with mud and soil. It was anything put the real thing. I did catch the real thief though, fittingly enough ‘Friar Tuck’, who took a massive mouthful. Needless to say he never did it again.

Back to Iz. All of us rejoiced like mad, there was dancing, high fiving. Wee, Iz the champion! We really made a big deal of it – less of a big deal about the poo on the living room carpet earlier in the day but accidents do happen. You could really see that Isabelle was really chuffed with herself and her achievement.

It all happened as Iz sat on her potty munching a grab bag of ready salted Walkers crisps – flash forward xx years as I present Isabelle with such a packet during my father of the bride speech. Sorry Iz!

We even had our own little celebratory song called ‘wee wee on a potty’ which we sang as the potty (I wee’d orange mummy) began its journey from the living room to the bathroom. Sarah opened the toilet and it was poured away. Isabelle, quite rightly, insisted the toilet lid be closed and she pulled the lever and chirply waved bye bye to her pee. We were all flushed with pride.


As part of her follow up performance Iz did her first poo in the potty on Saturday 13th April. Nope, taking pics never entered my mind. And she did it when we were both in other rooms so extra kudos to you Iz. And yes we also bid it farewell down the u-bend as well…waving like mad folk.

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