And the little one said roll over

IMG_0584When my mum and dad came down over Easter they were initially looking at stopping in a Premier Inn (cue Lenny Henry VO) but I insisted they stop here.

For one it’s a darn sight cheaper and also they got to spend more time with Iz and us – okay so part of that more time includes her waking up in the night or being up at 7ish – but that’s all part of the fun (so I’m told).

Part of that fun also meant not missing a pair of cold feet slinking under the covers on the sofa bed in the living room and popping up in the middle and generally causing early morning eruptions of laughter. Not something they’d get at the Premier Inn or with Lenny Henry!

IMG_0573Seemingly capable of doing something new or something better on a daily basis Iz spent much of the weekend ‘making’ cups of tea, fishing, shopping (with her doll’s pushchair) and having the unique ability of not being able to catch a single solitary butterfly each and everytime she played Elefun, no matter where she stood and how bountiful they fell around her. Some feat that.

It was all rather fitting as The Karate Kid was playing in the background, not that she channelled the chopstick fly-catching scene at all though.

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