Build-a-bear party is the stuff(ing) of dreams

IMG_0474Iz can build it, faster, stronger, longer…

Isabelle was invited to her very first Build-A-Bear party in Basildon and she loved it!

She was probably the youngest there but it was great to see her hold her own (and her own bear) and interact with slightly older kids. It certainly didn’t faze her…to be honest I’m not sure what does, and that is a good thing.

Okay so there are some restrictions but you get to choose your very own bear, its name, its noise (Isabelle’s is a bit  bipolar as it is a monkey laughing in a bear’s body) help stuff it and pick its own t-shirt. The party pretty much took over the whole shop.

In true X-Factor style, here are the video highlights.

None of us dads did but the in the store you could even create your very own Star Wars bears, Iron Man bear or Batman bear, complete with outfits. It might have been tempting if there had been an Indiana Jones bear or Marty McFly bear (Bear-ck to the Future).

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