A whole lotta shaking going on

After the shooting Ash could soon be found shooting from the hip(s) as none other than Elvis Aaron Presley. It was all a surprise to him as Shaun (the father in law to be) had spent much of the week he was going to wind up in everything from a mankini to a Baloo the Bear costume. Ash was more than a little bit relieved and thanked Shaun, thanked him very much, for the costume option.

This is his initial entrance after first getting change at ‘Kimland’, AKA the childhood home of his wife to be, Kim.

IMG_0351And I guess this is his Elvis with Priscilla and Lisa Marie inspired shot?

We all know about Elvis leaving the buildings (no doubt the Cowboy Builders will catch up with him at some point) but I was more interested in his entrance to his ‘stage’ for the evening, his local pub, although at first I wasn’t sure if it was Ray Reardon or not!

There was drink, banter and food aplenty but it certainly didn’t take too long before there was a little less conversation and a lot more drinking action going on.

IMG_0371They say a picture speaks a thousand words so I’m not quite sure how many words moving pictures equate to? Elvis may have been famous for his movies as well but I don’t think he ever starred in one quite like this.

IMG_0357The below captures most of the evening in four second bursts and charts ‘The King’s’ decline, complete with cheeseburgers, Ash stood with nothing but a hound dog and the obligatory toilet-based finale. Like ’24’ events take place in real time.

Being Elvis it of course all had to end on the toilet…you’ll have to watch the video though to see how it all ‘pans’ out. Accounts are somewhat sketchy but considering the amount of time he spent in the loo I think that was Ash’s comeback special. Thankfully he didn’t get anything on his blue suede shoes.

It’s a full eight weeks from when the stag do took place to the wedding, which is probably plenty of time for him to get sober, although no doubt the events of that evening will always be on his mind. It also gives the best man plenty of content for his speech.

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