Newman Vs Cake

IMG_0104 A new coffee shop has opened in Southend, but this is no Costa or Starbucks, this is something just that little bit different…that little bit posher that they probably don’t even call themselves a coffee shop.

Iz had already been transfixed by their wall to wall window of every cake you could think of and then some. Finally, we decided to give into temptation and enter into Patisserie Valerie.

IMG_0105Inside it felt like something out of a time warp, a Mr Selfridge tea and cake shop  complete with doorman, dapperly dressed waiters and waitresses and almost art deco style to the whole set up.

The cake sizes are simply massive and Iz was very clear that she wanted the one with the giant strawberries, which did take her several days to eat. Big. It was like ruddy Cakezilla! Naturally I had one boasting lots of chocolate.

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