App-y Talk

IMG_0079Great, now I’ve got ruddy Captain Sensible rattling round my head, and then hot on the tails of that I’ve got the Big Break theme (which he also sang…snookering you, snookering you tonight!)

Where was I? Oh yes.

I’m convinced my daughter thinks that the i in iPhone stands for Isabelle’s. Fact, it doesn’t – although with Sarah’s casing I can kind of see where Iz might kind of get that impression.

Still, that doesn’t stop Isabelle being fascinated with it and its contents, whether that be Sarah’s Mahna Mahna (you know the one from The Muppets that Simon Mayo uses on a Friday on Radio 2) ringtone or the Peppa Pig Mrs Chicken game app.

Popular both, but the new kid on the app block is Ginger Tom with its comedy cartoon characters, especially the animated cat, which even talks back…or in this case doing a duet of sorts of Baa Baa Black Sheep. It then even has a shower, at least it is domesticated I guess!

Suffice it to say, Iz thinks cats amazing! (Sorry)

Like her dad she might have a journalistic-tinged future as Iz wasn’t afraid to ask the cat probing and insightful questions, namely ‘have you done  a poo?’ Next stop Newsnight.


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