Isabelle: Princess of Thieves

photo (3)Robin Hood, I’ve always been interested in anything to do with the Hooded Man, whether it be Robin of Sherwood, the Michael Praed TV series, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, the Kevin Costner film (the first time I skipped school was to go and see it on it’s opening day) and I’ve even been him – I don’t mean in a past life or anything wird like that.

I used to play him (on occasion) as I used to work at a Nottinghamshire tourist attraction called The World of Robin Hood, most of the time I was Much the Miller’s Son…and no I didn’t wear tights. To be fair I think I inherited that particular gene (Lincoln Gene?) from my mum.

I even stepped back in my Lincoln Green (stored under my old bed) to play him in a short film I made at university, which took in locations such as Nottingham Castle, the actual Sherwood Forest and Rufford Abbey, once rumoured to be home to none other than Friar Tuck. More on the latter two later.

Shares in The Early Learning Centre must have shot up this last year as Iz was fortunate enough to have an array of Little People characters from the store: including such diverse items as a pirate ship, house, zoo, dinosaur set and Sherwood Castle. When we saw the latter it was of course a must have (for Isabelle of I mean of course, not me). Either way she has some rather fantastic play times with that eclectic mix!

Isabelle had been introduced to Sherwood Forest when she wasn’t very old…but now, she was back! It did look like she was about to try and take on Everest or something with her sunglasses and Ben and Holly backpack.

photo (2)She was quite happy exploring round the main tourist centre, the exhibitions and the shops for a little while, even picking up a trusty sword along the way. Soon though it was a mini-mega tantrum (chewing scenery like Alan Rickman did as the Sheriff of Nottingham) saying that she wanted to be carried round by Sarah and nobody else. We are talking full polysterine sword (how very Xena Warrior Princess) brandishing meltdown followed by folded arms and then lots and lots of loud crying (the type that makes you look like the world’s worst parent and as if you are about to abandon your child in the forest to everyone else).

After an age we made it to The Major Oak, which Iz wasn’t all that fussed about, but she was excited when she spotted a couple of squirrels scurrying about in nearby trees. I think she could have stayed to watch them all day.

Thankfully some might say, but Isabelle wasn’t yet able to grasp the lyrics of Everything I Do (I Do It For You) but she did give the old Richard Greene TV show title music a go, here as something of a duet of sorts with my dad adding his bit from the kitchen.

Alas…or perhaps it was a blessing,,,this footage is lost forever on the camera that was snaffled.


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