Boxes of Delights

IMG_1309If Iz learnt anything this past Christmas it was certainly how to open a Christmas present, she had plenty of practice! At several locations!!

(We’ll try and master the picking up and tidying away the wrapping paper for next year).

Thanks to everyone who spoilt her rotten. The great thing about her opening her presents is that for the very first time she had a real idea of what the fuss was all about and you can really see the anticipation and excitement on her face.

IMG_1314The other great thing is that Isabelle really took her time in opening her presents as she sat and played with them after opening each and every single one (thanks in no small part to a mountain of batteries that could power a small village).

All this meant that it took Iz a good couple of days to finally open everything as she was that busy playing with and enjoying each new item that she opened.

IMG_1322It was just nice to see her take the time and effort to explore and be entertained by each present rather than just race through them Tazmanian Devil like in three minutes flat.

IMG_1317Isabelle did find plenty of time explore other people’s presents, sizing herself up against a foot long of jaffa cakes and even going as far as to try Sarah’s rather natty elf-esque slippers on for comfort, if not for size.

She also found time to give Max a cuddle on the other sofa as he was feeling rather poorly sick Christmas Day.

IMG_1334All that opening presents, test-driving other people’s presents and tending to poorly animals gave Isabelle something of an appetite, a hole that was suitably filled by what else but her Christmas dinner.


IMG_1382Christmas Day 2 took place up in Notts as we ventured to my mum and dads. Present opening duties were staggered over the whole week as we saw caught up with friends and family…all of which meant some crafty packing of the car, as if it were the mental agility round on The Krypton Factor.

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