Iz Wish It Could Be Xmas Everyday

IMG_1249 It’s like someone has flicked a switch in Isabelle this Christmas just gone, obviously it’s her age, but it is now like she is uber-aware of anything and everything Christmas…which has been great.

IMG_1251She’s really got stuck into everything from dashing through town (not on a one horse open sleigh) doing some Christmas shopping, here spotted scoping out some of the 3 for 2 deals in Boots, to helping with the Christmas tree – even if she did knock it down once.

IMG_1289As they sparkle and are full of colour she is a little obsessed with the baubles but the funniest thing is that she can often be found checking out her own reflection in them,moving her head back and forth and side to side like they are her very own private fairground mirrors.

The baubles have also had a tendency to be swiped off the tree, simply put if it is in reach then it is in danger. I think we forget how tall Iz is getting now. She can even reach the kitchen worktops all on her lonesome as well now. Isabelle is certainly going to have a long set of legs on her, think the crane from the Pink Panther cartoons. No doubt she’ll end up towering over me and make me look like Bernie Eccleston.

IMG_1290Although she snaffles the baubles from the tree, here she is caught red handed not looking very innocent at all (you are going to have to work at that Iz), she does return them all to the tree – not all where they came from mind – but they do end up back on it in some way shape or form.

Talking of the tree, Iz was also more than happy to help put some presents under it (before they went off to Santa you understand) although she did want to keep holding them and kept putting them in piles for everyone else…which came in handy on the big day.

IMG_1234Of course, the other thing she has loved has been her advent calendar, Peppa Pig naturally. To be honest we’ve been rubbish with it which has meant multiple chocolates playing catch up, which got no complaints from Isabelle. In fact she’s reminded me of Kirsten Dunst from Interview With A Vampire with her “I want some more” line.

IMG_1227We might already have Missy but on the run up to Christmas we took on another ‘dog’, of sorts. okay, so it was all my fault. For Halloween we bought Iz a Dracula figure that sang the Monster Mash and whilst it got rather annoying on a loop it was a huge hit with Iz. In an effort to emulate that success I picked up a small dog in a red Santa hat that sang along to ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’, which just so happens to be my fave Christmas song ever. Of course it got overplayed but he’ll be out of his kennel (AKA the loft) again next year.


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