Honky Tonk Newman

This weekend ‘I Got the Blues’ as Iz and Sarah have been away. Thankfully I had dog sitting and the discovery of a ruddy hole in our roof (now fixed) to keep me occupied.

That was bad but ‘The Worst’ was not seeing Isabelle – typical, you want a break when you have them and miss them when they aren’t there. Sure, they were only a couple of hours away but it felt like they were ‘2,000 Miles From Home’.

When they came back late into the evening I was downstairs in a ‘Jumpin Jack Flash’ and practically did the ‘Happy Harlem Shuffle’ when she saw me and her face lit up.

I carried her upstairs and it wasn’t long before she was in the (‘Voodoo) Lounge’ ‘Dancing With Mr D’ in her The Rolling Stones t-shirt – hence all these song titles – like someone’s ‘Jiving Sister Fanny’ or even Mr Jagger himself.

The Stones sang ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’, well I got my daughter back, a big smile and an even bigger hug. That certainly will ‘Not Fade Away’ for some time to come.

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