Let there be (Christmas) light!

There was Claus (ahem) for celebration as Christmas came to Southend-on-Sea today as the Christmas lights made their grand entrance.

We’d been round the shops, had a rather nice seasonal coffee from Costa (salted caramel seeing as you asked) and gathered with the thronging crowd waiting for the town lights to go live.

By the time we got there the Heart Essex Rogueshow was in full swing, which featured the likes of last year’s local X-Factor finalists, Two Shoes, who performed a couple of live songs and their single that came out in September. Me neither.

Cinderella also took to the stage and there was quite literally a telephoned in performance from panto star Shane Ritchie (which was a recording over a fake phonecall in a Roger Moore on Alan Partridge style way).

Finally the moment was here. It wasn’t the Lord that said “let there be light” it was Martin from the Martin and Su Breakfast Show on Heart Essex who began the countdown. The assembled crowd then joined in before the Southend Christmas tree lit up rather nicely, followed by the high street and then the fake snow that Isabelle was thrilled by. And if she was, I was.


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