The Wicked Witch of the Westcliff

The Halloween costume of choice in the Newman household this year was that of a Witch (for the second year running I hasten to add). Isabelle donned her rather funky outfit and, taking inspiration from the wedding of Wills and Kate perhaps, went for the rather fetching spider fasinater rather than the traditional pointy hat.

Happily posing with her broom she practicaly looked ready for take off to nursery. She could still be found in her outfit when I returned home from work later that evening, munching on her tea.

It may have been a struggle to get Isabelle in her outfit that morning (struggle handled by Sarah) but when we got to bathtime it was even more of an issue getting Iz out of her Witches costume, although to be fair historically¬†Witches aren’t exactly great fans of water they are about to be dropped into!


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