Isabelle 2.0

Two years, it has seemed like an age and yet at the very same time has zipped by in the blink of an eye but one thing is for sure it is hard for both Sarah and I to a remember a time before Isabelle, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sure, those hours spent getting her back to sleep to trying to coax her into her pyjamas might not have zipped by so000 quickly at the time, but you do look back and laugh (I promise you do, sure some of it will be brought on by sheer tiredness, but you will laugh).

The morning of Sunday 26th August saw glorious blue sky (those human sacrafices had clearly been worth it) and we had something of a trial run with the birthday cake, more of an undressed rehersal if you will as Iz was still in her pyjamas. 

The cupcakes were made by Sarah and Iz didn’t need asking twice to tuck in and enjoy, going in head first.

It was all good practice then for when the bouncy castle arrived, Isabelle taking to it even when it was flat, and I think it rising from the ground in a matter of seconds must have been one of the most exciting things Iz must have ever seen, thus far, and she knew it was all for her as as soon as it stood tall she exclaimed “my castle”.

Certainly for the next few hours it would be and Isabelle was going to take full advantage of it and we would find a window for getting her dressed (now that could have been fun on the castle).

Having said that Iz could soon be found helping put some of the finishing touches to the party, helping with a little bit of light sweeping whilst the food was being prepared, balloons were blown up, Peppa Pig bunting was raised and banners were added as standard tto garage doors.

Not that Max and Missy helped out that much, they were too busy soaking up the sun, hoping for any rapidly assembling food to slip their way and also looked on rather jealously to see the castle of bouncyness – I would so pay to see dogs on a bouncy castle, they would love it!

The kings and queens of the bouncy castle however were of course Isabelle and her friends from nursery, it was great to see the names Sebastian, Martha, Violet and Thomas (names that I hear on a daily basis from Isabelle and her nursery antics) all brought so vividly to life as they bounced here and there, bouncing everywhere like Gummi Bears.

Throughout the day their power was relentless, like Engergiser Bunnies in nappies, powered only by the sun, orange squash and cake, lots of cake.

Talking of cake (part 2) it was soon time for the birthday cake reveal, Fifi and the Flowertots of last year making way for Peppa Pig, and sing-a-long up the top of the garden.

It was great, surrounded by friends, loved onees, sunshine and smiles. Even if it hadn’t been a warm day weather wise you could have felt the warmth that radiated from people who were there to celebrate Isabelle’s birthday.

The sandpit also proved to be a hit, which left the bouncy castle more full of sand than the sandpit by the end of the day as people switched between the two. Isabelle was rather in her element with her buckets and spades.

She also found time to hit her slide, rather fittingly a present from her first birthday.

And then…it was of course more cake, what else, which most of the kids enjoyed picnic style on the rugs.

As you can see they were enjoyed so much by adults and children alike that they rapidly dwindled, as seen her by one of Isabelles return visits to the table.

All good things must come to an end though, and although we had enjoyed its company for nearly 12 hours it was soon time to bid a fonf farewell to the jungle bouncy castle and as fast is it inflated it was no more…a momentary low in a day of highs for Iz, their time together had been fleeting but they’ll always have grandma and granddads back garden.

It didn’t take long for her to be back on her feet, running even, and burying herself, well her toys in the sandpit with Nana, to help her get over the bouncy castle.

And just as the bouncy castle went, so soon did people who came to the party. Hopefully a good time was had by all, we certainly appreciated the time that people spent with us that day, no matter whether they travelled a few doors down or from as far as Wales to see us and be so kind with their gifts and cards, but especially their presence on that back garden on that sunny day to celebrate the  second birthday of Isabelle Newman.

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