She came, see-saw

The last supper for her one year old self saw Iz hit Frankie and Benny’s and proceed to demolish three courses, she would need her strength for that weekend to be fair, including a lovely looking chocolate brownie dessert that Charley Bear (thanks to Julia and Grant) didn’t get a look in at.

Part of the Saturday was spent buying food and drink, somehow I think Sarah ended up visiting about three supermarkets, but Isabelle was more than happy to help pack at one of them (not that she helped bring it in from the car or put it away mind!)

My mum and dad also arrived the day before the party for some catch up time with Iz and I think my dad was pleasantly surprised, nay delighted, that she took to them both staright away whereas in the past its taken Iz a while to get in the Granddad and Nana swing of things, no such worry this time round.

To be fair to Iz, I think its a huge dollop of her growing up and becoming more aware of both who she is and others around her and also seeing and speaking to my mum and dad both on the phone and via Skype.

Iz also got a prelude of what was to come and she tried out one of her presents, inbetween the showers of rain, a see saw, which she loved from the first sit on it.

Soon though it was time to think about rocking herself to sleep as Iz went to bed aged one for the very last time and technically would wake up as a two year old (okay, so she wasn’t born until 10:26 am but who is counting).

One year old Isabelle Jane Newman, you’ve certainly been testing and caused tiredness at times but you’ve been far more of a pleasure than a pain that is for sure and are changing on a daily basis. Sleep tight x

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