Independence Stay

Last time we’d stopped at a hotel was the night before we flew on holiday last August. At that time Iz was crawling all over the floor, this time round she was a lot more independent.

The hotel in question was the Holiday Inn Express Southampton West and although we were staying there due to its close proximity to Peppa Pig World, Isabelle found it so much fun.

In fact to her this must have seemed like Hotel World with it long corridors, lift buttons to press, leaflets to pilfer (a future Countdown co-host methinks with the way she was taking one from the top and another from the bottom – er including the Cress Festival – surely that should have just been called the Crestival)

Sure, it wasn’t groundbreaking but it got big fat ticks in all the boxes that mattered in that it was clean, well maintained and the staff were always really helpful and happy. The breakfast also really helped to set ourselves up for the day ahead, one day Isabelle was a little bit too eager to get to her banana.

As we were at the hotel several days you saw an influx of new families come down to breakfast in the morning, their reason for being here clear, they all had children with something  Peppa Pig in tow, such as bags, coats, clothes or toys.

Isabelle loved the lift, especially pressing the buttons that made doors open and close – carefully keeping her wandering fingers away from the alarm button.

She could often be found charging down the corridor toward the lift or, as soon as the door had pinged open, charging out of it into reception.

Although reception led to the entrance and the car park we had little to be worried about as Isabelle’s body weight wasn’t big enough to be recognised by the doors, which did mean she almost go ‘squished’ when she was dawdling on one occasion.

Iz also liked the fact the lobby had an ice machine, a cup full which we would take back for our drinks, well that was if we had any left after Isabelle decided that she’d rather like to have a go at eating it instead. Cheap date at the cinema then!

Her first love though had to be those oh so long corridors that she darted up and down, when not hiding in doorways and shouting boo!

Food wise, in the evening, they had a limited menu that you could order things off that were a tad expensive but they also gave you the option of local takeaways and handily placed menus in reception during the evening. We ate out but thought it was a really good idea and showed that they had thought about young families.


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