When George Met Izzy

Isabelle loves George Pig, there I said it. Sure, she  likes his big sister, Peppa (although she can be something of a smug know it all like Daddy Pig), but George is kind of cute and I think Isabelle relates to him a lot more on screen…and his dinosaur of course!

He might be little just like Iz but was obviously quite taller when it came to meeting him in the flesh, well spongy costume. Although he was a giant of a er pig Iz didn’t bat an eyelid and muscled her way through to meet her ‘hero’ as if she were a mini heat-seeking rocket.

You hear some stories of young kids (or even older ones in the case of Kim) freaking out at the sight of giant mice in clothes with giant hands and giant smiling, nay smirking, faces bending down to eat, I mean greet you.

And then it was to the shop, filled with George’s as far as the eye could see.

It didn’t take Iz long to find a giant George which she was soon inseparable from in everything from the car to everywhere we travelled in the hotel


And just like When Harry Met Sally, well perhaps not just LIKE When Harry Met Sally, there was even a restaurant scene, where he enjoyed a sneaky lager (a can of top deck lager shandy of course).


Iz may have ran into her hero but I had a face to face meeting with my Peppa Pig nemesis, Mr Potato from Potato City!

Iz could later be found happily watching Peppa Pig (what else) with George in our hotel room. Bless!


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