On Her Majesty’s Celebratory Service

This weekend and events leading up to this weekend might be celebrating 60 years of Liz II on the throne but I think Iz I thought it was all for her benefit, after all she is something of a party girl.

Whatever Isabelle thought, one thing was for sure, in her red,white and blue she had a Royal-ly good time.

We’ve all seen pics of our mums and dads at street parties for the Coronation or indeed ones of ourselves for the Diamond Jubilee in 77 or the wedding of Charles and Di in 81.

Iz can now add her own images of celebration to this after her rather splendid Jubilee party at nursery.

All the kids at the party were so well behaved and polite you’d have thought the Queen was coming herself.

I bet it was fun later than evening though when all those kids were full to the brim of all that cake.

Multi-tasking she was also able to juggle that difficult eating and flag waving combo, which strongly suggests she’ll be able to do that old patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time trick no problem.

Isabelle loved each and every aspect of it, and what wasn’t there to love: all of her nursery friends, a bouncy castle, scrummy food and best of all lots of over zealous flag waving.

In fact I’m rather surprised that Isabelle still has the use of her arms left. On this basis Iz could quite possibly be the world’s greatest ever composer.

Patriotic flag waving aside Iz and her pals also rather enjoyed a bit of a good boogie as well…whilst still holding cake (of course)


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