Catch me Iz you can

Hooray for Hockley Woods deh deh deh deh deh Hockley Woods! It was still really hot on Sunday so we sought shade in the rather lovely Hockley Woods.

For Isabelle it was a case of run, forest, run (okay more wood than forest but you catch my drift). Isabelle loved running round the trees, us hiding from each other and getting excited by seeing the meanagerie of dogs on their Sunday morning walks.

She also did her fair share of falling over, her legs carrying her faster than the rest of her body, but she didn’t care and would pick herself up and carry on running again- taking the odd moment for rest on say the nearest tree stump.

I love it when Iz runs as she is always giggling or making an aaaahh noise, almost as it makes her run faster. It would be great if she ended up being an Olympic runner


If that wasn’t enough Iz also got to see horses on their daily trot which mesmerised her.


My problem was that I was so mesmerised by Isabelle that I almost ended up walking into a tree, Sarah was obviously full of concern…after several minutes of laughing.

Oblivious, Iz continued her run through the woods, zipping back and forth through the trees as if on an invisble speeder bike.

And after tiring of her bike, of her running, of her being carried, Isabelle rather fancied being carried on my shoulders…oh and nicking my cap!

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