The Meat Is On

Saturday also saw Isabelle’s first ever BBQ, before that all got going she decided to work up something of an appetite playing on her slide that now, rather handily happened to slide right into her pool of water.

It was then pretty much go straight from the pool into the waiting sandpit, caking herself in sand as if they were hundreds and thousands on a fab lolly.

Iz accessorized her new (bought that day after a trip into town by mum and Grandma) two piece swimming costume with a rather fetching sun hat, which of course we all had a go of wearing.

Either side of her slide/ pool/ sand activities Iz could be found looking very dapper as usual, this time in a little romper suit outfit that was the hit of the afternoon (if not the season).

 was on BBQ duty, here looking as if he is doing an impression of Hellboy – one oven mitt making it look as if he has one hand larger than the other – playing a giant organ.

And the food, of course Iz loved it, an ever hopeful Max just waiting…just in case you understand.

Missy was there as well, soaking up the sun until she practically glowed white hot. Earlier in the day she’d taken the chance to enjoy the sun in Isabelle’s room and take a look out the window at the world passing by.

I’m notoriously rubbish in the sun with my pale skin and dislike of the heat, so I found some (rather cramped) shelter in Isabelle’s beach tent along with Missy.

Isabelle cooled down in various ways, or at least tried to, if only mum would leave her in peace in her tent.

Not content with her own hand she went on to nab mine, unintentionally looking like one of the Bisto kids!

Iz most enjoyed cooling down method number three, a good old ice lolly, yum! 

A great afternoon was had by all and Isabelle loved spending time in the garden with all of us.



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