Balloons, boats and balls at Peppa Pig World

With helicopters out as an option for a mode of transport for fun (so long Airwolf) we had to look for an alternative so decided to give the balloons a crack, all very Around the World in 80 Days.

These were a much better ride and Isabelle loved it, we were amazed at how fast it seemed to spin round for a kids rise and it was definitely a case of scream with delight if you want to go faster.


Added to this you could twist a wheel in the middle of the balloon that would send it spinning in one direction and then veering off to the next depending which way you turned it.

With the wet weather it was quite hard to turn and reminded me of that scene at the end of The Poseidon Adventure where Gene Hackman has to twist a handle to save the lives of the survivors. It certainly seemed as bloody hard to twist (although we didn’t fall to our deaths like he did).

After spending all of our time until now up in the air we decided to take to the water and hitch a ride on Grandpa Pig’s boat ride, which again Isabelle enjoyed.


What was great about all the rides was that there was plenty of room for grown ups to experience it all as well, even if today the seats were soaked and even after they were mopped up with a sponge you still got dripped on or the water within the ride sloshed around you for the entire duration.

I still ended up with a wet bum though!

We also tried to win Iz a large George Pig for on one of the traditional fairground stalls which was trying to get two balls to stay in a bucket.

We saw one person win but after each of us failed after a couple attempts we said, well balls to it and decided that we’d take the easy way out and buy Iz a big George from the shop later.

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