A-Peppa-lypse Now AKA Good Morning Peppa Pig World!

I love the smell of bacon first thing in the morning! Actually I don’t, I’m vegetarian but I thought it would fit in with the whole title of this blog entry. Today was the day we invaded Peppa Pig World, but rather than flying in by helicopter we flew in by Sarah’s new car.

As we had pre-booked our visit we had to go no matter what the weather and despite the weather being lovely on the journey down from my mum and dads – I even had to buy a pair of sunglasses as I had forgotten mine – it was of course grey and wet on the day of our visit. The weather may well have been damp but we weren’t going to let that dampen our spirits.

When we first arrived at Paultons Park, home of Peppa Pig World, the first few car parks were completely empty, which did make us think of Wally World in National Lampoon’s Vacation where they park as far away from the park so that they are the first to leave…but then we came across civilisation and lots of people carriers and hybrids with their owners taking out their brollies and pushchairs.

We did the same. Typically Sarah and I had built this moment up for us as a moment that would get some mega reaction from Isabelle…but she was fast asleep, taking a mid-morning nap.

We made our way through the various sections of the park and pushed our way ever closer to our Eldorado, first spotting a giant Peppa Pig tower reaching skyward, marching forward to the lure of that familiar plinky plonk theme tune we were about to cross the threshold from our world into Peppa Pig World…

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