Piggin ga ga over Peppa Pig

Ah, Fifi it twas but fleeting but now Peppa, who Iz calls Ga Ga, is now more than competing. Isabelle’s fave toon used to be Fifi and Flowertots…not anymore, now that mantle belongs to one Peppa Pig, well she is a Bafta award winner you know!

Not only do we have the pleasure of the whole oinking family first thing in a morning on Milkshake but we also have them on Nick Jr of an evening…today (at the time of writing) it was for over an hour, but it was Sunday. Completely our fault and our doing as well I know, to be fair once you get past the crude drawings it is actually rather amusing, although hearing the plinky plonk theme tune 24 times over an hour, at the beginning and end of each show, could become a tad much.

Iz makes herself rather comfy on the sofa after she has got ready for bed, with her little blanket and her Peppa cushion for the show to begin and practically yelps with delight when it begins.

Just as long as Iz doesn’t expect Sarah and I to roll round in muddy puddles like Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig do!



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