Strange, Iz on a train

Isabelle’s first train journey was to be  a memorable affair as it also marked her first trip into London, our destination, the shopping centre at Canary Wharf.

Sarah, Grandma, Iz and I set off for our epic journey, ably assisted by a lift to Chalkwell Station by Grandad. It looked as if it was going to be a lovely day weather wise so armed with pushchair, having carried Iz in it down the platform steps, somewhat like the Odessa steps sequence in The Untouchables, minus the hail of bullets you understand, we waited for our train to arrive at the station…and Iz was very, very excited when it did.

Isabelle’s green coat rather complemented the decor of our carriage and looking more adorable than ever she loved the information overload that her inaugural train journey presented to her from the scenery outside flashing by at great speed, to trying out sitting on the table, trying out sitting on a chair (little miss fidget bum) to taking a stroll up and down the train and taking the opportunity to be nosey about everyone else onboard.

Mostly she just enjoyed watching the world outside go by.

Cars and planes never phased her so why should trains I guess, as you can see she was more than at home, all of which made us release that is growing as a person and in confidence at an expediential rate and it was something you could see unfolding in front of your very eyes on that day.

This was the first time that any of us had really ever been to Canary Wharf and after hitting Tiffany’s we had all developed something of an appetite and made our way to Pizza Express, which Grandma and Iz managed to sniff out. This particular Pizza Express had some rather nifty doors that more than echoed those in Jurassic Park.

By this time Iz had felt that she had had her hair in bunches for plenty long enough thanks so took her bands out of her hair so that she could enjoy her drawing – well it was the weekend Daddy and a girl has to let her hair down once in a while.

Iz really enjoyed her dough balls, although the same can’t really be said about the cherry tomatoes which must have been a little bit tart judging by the reaction.

After lunch and me going the wrong way up or is that down an escalator in true Mr Bean style (I was trying to help with the pushchair on the escalators) which was met with guffaws by Sarah and her mum – thanks ladies!

After such tomfoolery we did make it outside and the overriding feeling was that it really didn’t feel like we were in London, it had more of  a feel of say New York, especially with the building that just seem to go up and up and up.

We did make it back inside and hit the shops where we found GAP were having a rather splendid sale, so Iz came away with a few essential purchases for the season , she also met a few familiar characters.

By this time Iz had grown tired of wandering round the store so she ended up in the arms of Daddy so that it was easier to watch Mummy as she paid for said items and proceeded to have something of a little boogie to the instore music, it’s amazing what you can get away with if you are carrying a toddler than if you aren’t.

After the limited moves I was busting we started on our journey back home and Isabelle took some time to look out of the window and reflect on all she had packed into her first trip into London.

It was at this point that she also decided she was still peckish so got her doggy bag of pizza out for some real pizza express as we zoomed home.

All that walking, pointing, talking, eating and looking out of windows made for one tired little girl as we entered back into the station (by the way ladies I had the tickets but couldn’t tell you as I was busy filming).

Getting ready to leave the train it was of course Isabelle who had the honour of opening the doors onto Chalkwell Station, ending our journey where it had begun that morning but returning with full bellies, full of memories and bags full of clothes from GAP. Isabelle had grown to love her train and waved it a fond goodbye as it grew ever smaller as it raced away to deliver more people home, but both it and Isabelle knew that their paths would cross again one day again soon.


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