“I guess we’ll have to register you as a lethal weapon.”

So uttered Murtaugh to Riggs in the original Lethal Weapon (did you see what they did there?). Well, that’s about the same how I felt about Isabelle after she went to Farmer Fred’s soft play centre on Saturday. The clue should have been in the title ‘soft play’ but I think Iz had other (good intentioned) ideas.

Isabelle took an instant liking to a baby girl and wanted to keep hugging her and on one occasion ran at her full pelt, and boy is she quick, dived and took her out whilst remaining on top of her in one foul swoop. Being soft play no one was hurt and it would appear that Isabelle has a glittering career ahead of her as a Secret Service agent happy to take a bullet, one is reminded of the scene from In The Line of Fire or the Queen scene in The Naked Gun, or as an American Football player. She really was like a heat seeking missile and several times was scooped up before impact.

Iz did enjoy exploring the soft play arena, which I had to rescue her from a couple of times when she got stuck, which would often see me as the only adult clambering up and through areas waaaay too small for me, and she also found a car she enjoyed playing in.

All of that running around – which included keeping Isabelle from steam rolling that baby again – obviously built up an appetite – in all of us –  so we headed to the pub where Iz took to demolishing her lunch with some rather nifty fork use rather than small children (no wonder she is a hit with the boys at nursery). She even made short work of some fudge brownie pieces and ice cream.

And it all ended with a good old tickle, followed by Isabelle deciding to wear her socks on her hands (as you do).

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