Catwalking Tall

It might not have been Milan or New York but Isabelle saw her first Fashion Show at the weekend at The Royals Shopping Centre. The show saw the best of the new Spring collections from the likes of TK Maxx, Evans and Debenhams and being in Rocha John Rocha herself on the day, Iz wouldn’t have looked out of place strutting down the catwalk…she probably would have done it as well!

Other outfits were courtesy of talented Fashion students from South Essex College and their creative designs genuinely impressed. Isabelle was also suitably impressed as she could be found clapping away whilst tucking into the world’s largest jacket potato, you certainly don’t get that at London Fashion Week…too many carbs! I love the fact that Iz has already mastered the art of irony and now she is starting to slot words together it can only be a matter of time until she starts punning.

All of that clapping can be quite tiring so it wasn’t long before Iz found herself asleep, tightly gripping her Peppa Pig balloon whilst she kipped. Post afternoon sleep and needing something of a pick me up Isabelle made herself quite at home in Costa Coffee (with Fruit Shoot I might add) where of course she had to have the big comfy chair, no doubt influenced by all of those back to back episodes of Friends set in Central Perk.

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