The Fountain of Youth

Four years ago today (March 23rd at the time of writing) there was snow, a fair bit of it as well, I’m sure on this point as today also marks our fourth wedding anniversary (not sure what one that is, wire meshing?) and today couldn’t have been much more different with the glorious sunshine.

After picking Isabelle up from nursery, she was having lots of fun stroking the air conditioning unit when we turned up – don’t think they do those in the Early Learning Centre – we went down to a 50’s diner on the seafront where Sarah and I kicked off proceedings with an Oreo and  Ferrero Rocher milkshake respectively. Before you ask, yes, the latter was excellente!

Isabelle woke up just in time for a spot of dessert, of course, and then we hit the seafront to walk it all off.


On the way back Isabelle was drawn, transfixed, Siren-like, to the seafront’s new water feature; one of multiple dancing water fountains that squirt water up out of the ground.

Needless to say she loved it as the synchronised water danced around and up and down in unison, of course it didn’t take Iz long to go from dancing round the water to dancing in it…she loved it.   

First off she was a little unsure and inquisitive…

But that didn’t last very long…

Dry(ish) and back in the car and on the way home Isabelle was all smiles, sniggers and new tones of giggles that we hadn’t heard before.


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