Isabelle Newman and the Order of the Doctors

Isabelle had been busily helping Sarah clean in the kitchen, she is something of a demon with a cloth and loves getting in cupboards (she’d have made a great sweeps assistant in Victorian England). Iz then went on to help me with the throws and plumping the cushions in the living room when she fell over and smacked her head on the puffet, which of course she found the only hard section on it.

Sarah heard the crack the other end of the flat and her bump appeared like one from the cartoons, minus the penny whistle to usher its arrival. We went to A&E as a precaution, a mixture of not been in this situ before and the Natasha Richardson effect. To be honest we thought we’d be better safe than sorry.

Four hours later all was fine, Iz had made some new friends and we bought take out. The bump has now gone down and left a little mark, how very Harry Potter…or is that more Harry Palmer?

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