Tall Ships Tales

The current weather reminded me of my time in Norway when I was recruiting students, which was a blast (mostly an icy cold air one).

That hadn’t been my first experience of the land of The Moomins (I bought some great Moomin shaped biscuits when I was there) and A-Ha, that had been some 19 years ago when I embarked on The Tall Ships Race 1993, which saw a group of ‘rookie sailors’, even that could have been over qualifying us, from The Dukeries Community College Sixth Form take to the high seas onboard the Sally Endeavour and create an adventure that would last a lifetime.

It was an adventure just raising the money to go, which saw me landing my job at The World of Robin Hood, venturing underground on a sponsored coal dig and travelling all over the place selling raffle tickets (I won an eskimo cookbook, which was fantasictally useful being a vegetarian!).

The adventure to come even caught the attention of the local televison news, which is shown as a prologue to this video that was The Tall Ships Race 1993…

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