Attack Force Iz

Isabelle isn’t daft, she knows what she wants and I can’t think of one thing that has really ever fazed her. The following tale is a great case in point.

Happily playing away at nursery Iz was merrily playing away with a toy when it was snatched off her by a boy, who was both older and bigger (built like a brick shit potty no doubt). Well, Iz wasn’t standing for that so she crawled over at typical superfast speed, overtook him (I’d like to think there was a baby equivalent of a handbrake turn going off that stopped him in his tracks).

Isabelle pulled his hair until he released the ‘stolen’ item and he ended up on the floor. There were no punches, no scratching, it was swift justice that saw Iz more akin to Stephanie Seagal or the calmness of the Vulcan death grip. She was certainly set to stun.

Iz then went back to playing and spent the rest of the day taunting the boy who I don’t think will be stepping out of line…like ever. Amen!


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