Shaun to be mild

Shaun holds not so much a candle to Isabelle but the world’s largest candelabra…and then some, in fact, think more the torch as held by the statue of liberty and you are pretty much there.

This man of action, the ‘missing’ Mitchell brother  if you will, doesn’t take sh*t from anyone but he’s rather turned to putty with Isabelle around.

He’s certainly taken more than a shine to her, whilst Isabelle has mostly taken to sitting atop his shine.

Guns...lots of guns

No matter where we were Iz could generally be found in him arms being proudly shown off to everyone he knows (and those that he doesn’t) in everywhere from the local pub to the local gun shop, followed by those proudly uttered words of “this is my Goddaughter.”

Shaun has certainly left a lasting impression on Iz, and he has certainly left some rather large boots to fill…I wouldn’t get too close to them though Iz.

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