The Holidays are coming, holidays are coming…

The Christmas Radio Times and the release of the Boots catalogue all say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas to me. But for many that moment that really says Christmas is a coming is when they first see the Coca Cola advert with all the lorries and lights, you know, the one with the catchy holidays are coming, holidays are coming jingle.

Well, whilst up in Northamptonshire we were all privileged enough to see the lorries doing the tour of the UK up close and personal and Iz loved them and her face was a bewildered ‘what the truck?’

Leaving the place where the lorries were kept I did my best (read worst) Convoy horn honk (perfected by many years of watching Duel and Smokey and the Bandit films) for Iz, only to be drowned out be an actual lorry honk that made Isabelle judder with sheer delight.

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